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Our Mission is the Preservation & Growth of Client Assets
Since 1987

Results that serve you:
Personalized, dynamic financial planning for life. Disciplined investment management strategies striving to achieve your defined goals.

Custom solutions for individuals, families, and businesses.
Welcome to Our Site

Welcome to Our Site

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Wealth Management

We partner with and advocate for you in pursuing your unique goals.  We take the stress out of your financial future.  Eads & Heald is a boutique wealth management firm with a personal touch, the type of relationship that is increasingly rare in today's tech-driven world.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning serves as the foundation for our wealth management services.  It allows us to generate a road map for your future.  Through monitoring your situation, ongoing communication, and meetings, we help keep you on track to your financial goals.

Investment Management

Investment Management is a critical piece of the financial plan.  We work with you to generate a custom Investment Policy Statement defining your investing criteria.  Through broad diversification, high quality investments, and appropriate risk exposure, we implement your investment plan.

Clients First.

We are a Fiduciary for our clients.  We act solely for the benefit of our clients and place client interests ahead of our own.

Every decision we make and every aspect of our business is designed with client interests as the #1 priority.  No exceptions.​

Clients First

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