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Mission & Firm History

Mission Statement

Provide customized investment management services to all investors. In that effort, we:
  • Seek superior long-term investment returns balanced with capital preservation
  • Remain consistent in our approach
  • Provide high level customer service to all clients
  • Operate 100% independently
  • Act with highest ethical standards and integrity in the industry
Firm History

Eads & Heald Investment Counsel was established in 1987 as an independent investment counseling firm registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. The principals and portfolio managers of Eads & Heald have almost 100 years of combined investment experience.

Leading up to the 1980’s, customized investment management services from independent firms were largely reserved for the ultra-wealthy or institutional clients.  Eads & Heald Investment Counsel was one of the pioneers in bringing this previously exclusive service to a larger investing audience.

The firm was founded to bring institutional-caliber investment management services to a wide range of investors.  Eads & Heald's investment management services are built upon strong intellectual and academic foundations related to economic relationships and behavior in the stock market.  These relationships in the stock market are consistent over time and, thus, Eads & Heald's style of management is consistent over time.

We are devoted entirely to equity and fixed income portfolio management. The entire firm is focused on an investment philosophy that has generated attractive investment returns appropriate to the risk profile of each client.

Eads & Heald Investment Counsel combines experience, intellect and integrity in providing objective and professional portfolio management. We deliver the highest level of personal service and maintain the highest ethical standards.