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Conflicts of Interest

In a world where conflicts of interest between clients and financial institutions are all too frequent, Eads & Heald Investment Counsel takes an independent approach to relationships with clients.

Eads & Heald is not affiliated with, or owned by, any other firms. Thus, we are not under pressure to cross-sell products from other divisions of a large, impersonal firm. We do not earn commissions in any form whatsoever. We are a 100% fee-only firm.

Further, in our relationships with clients, we remain removed from the client’s assets. Eads & Heald is not a brokerage firm or bank.  Every one of our clients places their funds in custody with the brokerage firm of their choice. The only authority granted to Eads & Heald is trading authority. This relationship is described in detail on other pages of our web site.

Finally, our fee structure closely aligns our interests with the interests of our clients.  Our only management fee is based on a percent-of-assets under management.  This arrangement aligns our interests with the interests of our clients.

Our unique approach to client relationships eliminates the conflicts of interest which have plagued many large financial firms and harmed many investors in recent years.