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Media requests can be directed to Tom Heald, CFA, Vice President.  To read an article, click the link under "Article Name" below.
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DateArticle NameLocationDescription
DateArticle NameLocationDescription
2017 October Getting Financial Advice When You Have Less Than $100,000 to Invest U.S. News & World Report Quoted in Article about Investing When Your Assets are under $100,000 
2017 June Eads & Heald Celebrates 30 Years in Business Northside Neighbor Newspaper An Article Celebrating 30 Years in Business 
2017 August These Funds Could Force You to Manage Your Retirement Income Better U.S. News & World Report Quoted in Article About Retirement Income Funds 
2017 August Investing in Wellness Is Actually Good for Your Wallet DailyWorth Quoted in Article About Wellness and Finances 
2017 August How Computer Simulations Help Save Your Nest Egg U.S. News & World Report Quoted in Article about Monte Carlo Simulations 
2012 June Eads & Heald Celebrates 25 Years in Business Northside Neighbor Newspaper An Article Celebrating 25 Years in Business 
2010 September Investors Taking Closer Look at Boutique Firms Atlanta Business Chronicle Tom Heald quoted in the Atlanta Business Chronicle 
2010 October 2020 Hindsight Eads & Heald Our outlook on the U.S. stock market for the next 10 years 
2010 July A Sampling of Our Future Themes Eads & Heald Future Investment Themes 
2009 October There Are No New Paradigms In Investing Eads & Heald N/A 
2009 November Atlanta's top 40 "Up & Comers" under age 40  Atlanta Business Chronicle Matt Eads, CFA recognized in Atlanta's "Top 40 Under 40" 
2009 November Stock Market Falls As Home Construction Slows AP News Eads & Heald quoted in national AP article 
2009 March Investment Truths Applicable in Good Times and Bad Eads & Heald N/A 
2009 March Treasury's Bank Plan Sparks a Broad Rally Washington Post Eads & Heald provided investment market insight 
2009 July Confidence Games CFA Magazine Eads & Heald interviewed for article in CFA Magazine regarding investor trust of advisors 
2009 July How to Select An Investment Advisor in a Post-Madoff World Eads & Heald N/A 
2009 December Sound Off Atlanta Business Chronicle Eads & Heald featured in Atlanta Business Chronicle economic forum 
2009 April The Final Four...For 2019 Kiplinger Eads & Heald identifies high quality stocks for the long-term 
2008 September Inflation Has a Dramatic Effect on Stock Returns Financial Advisor Magazine N/A 
2008 October Eads & Heald Investment Counsel Tells Investors to Stay Focused on Long Term BusinessWire N/A 
2008 October Eads & Heald Reiterates Power of Asset Preservation Strategies During Economic Crisis BusinessWire N/A 
2008 November Frustrated Investors Turn To Boutique Firms Atlanta Business Chronicle N/A 
2008 December New Year's Resolutions - Investment Checklist Eads & Heald N/A 
2008 December Now What? 3 Financial Experts Offer Advice Northside Neighbor Newspaper Investment advice during the 2008 crisis 
2008 December Stocks Could Be 'Buy of a Lifetime' For Younger Investors Journal of Medical Economics N/A 
2008 August Diversification, Inflation Hold Key to Investment Success in Down Market BusinessWire N/A 
Showing 26 items