Investment Results & Fees

Investment Results

Eads & Heald Investment Counsel maintains performance composites for "Equity plus Cash" and "Balanced" accounts updated quarterly.  The link to the Equity plus Cash Commission Accounts Composite is listed below.  This composite contains performance both Net and Gross of management fees, as well as the appropriate benchmark return.  Please contact Scott Stewart for Balanced performance data.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing performance data online. Adobe Reader is a free download which can be obtained at the Adobe web site.

Performance is in PDF Format:
Performance data and fee schedules are included in Eads & Heald Investment Counsel brochures which are sent to prospective clients. If you would like to receive a brochure or other general information, please contact us.


Eads & Heald Investment Counsel's fee structure is very simple.  Our only management fee is based on a small percent-of-assets under management.  This arrangement aligns our interests with the interests of our clients.  For example, if your portfolio grows over time, your wealth grows and we are rewarded.  Conversely, Eads & Heald is penalized via a smaller fee if growth does not occur.

Please contact us to request information on our fees.