Services Offered & Clients Served

Services Offered

Eads & Heald Investment Counsel provides personalized investment portfolio management services to many types of clients. We manage two types of investment portfolios exclusively:
  • Equity (stock) portfolios
  • Balanced (stock & bond) portfolios 
Our nearly 100 years of combined investment experience reveals that most long-term investor needs can be well-served with one of these types of portfolios.  Other exotic or hard-to-understand investment solutions are usually unnecessary.

Recognizing that our clients demand individualized portfolio management, we manage each portfolio separately. We do not employ model portfolios, mutual funds, or pooled accounts.

Eads & Heald Investment Counsel is essentially your personal mutual fund manager, with a few key differences.  Whereas the assets of an investor in a mutual fund are pooled together with other investors to purchase stocks (which can result in a lack of flexibility and customization), at Eads & Heald:
  • You have direct ownership of the securities held in your account.
  • Your portfolio can be custom-managed for tax purposes, or other client-specific needs.
  • Clients of Eads & Heald have direct access to the Portfolio Manager managing their account, not a random service representative on a 1-800 hotline.
In summary, your managed portfolio at Eads & Heald Investment Counsel is built entirely around your specific needs, goals, and constraints using public securities traded on the open market.  We do not have "off-the-shelf", branded products to sell you and we do not earn any commissions.

Eads & Heald also offers retirement spending planning along with our proprietary "Retirement Spending Model".  We are available to assist with your retirement spending plans and/or using the model.

Clients Served

Eads & Heald Investment Counsel can assist most any type of investor wishing to be invested in stocks or bonds at any stage of the investing life-cycle.  We have clients all over the U.S. and we will travel.  We provide high level service to individual investors as well as corporate and pension accounts.  Eads & Heald serves many types of investors including:
  • Individual investors
  • Corporate plans
  • Institutional investors
  • Sub-advisory arrangements
The firm manages a variety of portfolio types:
  • Common taxable portfolios
  • Pension plans
  • Retirements plans
  • Trusts
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Family partnerships
Eads & Heald is a client-focused boutique investment management firm with a national reach.  If you have, or wish to start, an investment portfolio, contact Eads & Heald to discuss your situation with no obligation.